Auxiliary equipment for people with reduced mobility.

Lifting Platforms

Chaise D´Escalier

The stair lift is the ideal solution for people with reduced mobility, and difficulty up or down stairs. This equipment was developed to overcome linear and curvilinear paths, with variable slope. It is equipped with all the accessories that make it simple, efficient and safe use. 

The guide has a small dimension and is integrated easily in the environment which it´s operates, and is modeled on the stair configuration. The seat, back and arms are covered in fabric. The footrest is folding to reduce the space occupied when the machine is closed.

If we installed outside the building, the structure is galvanized and painted. It provided a waterproof cover to protect the machine from atmospheric agents. The equipment is has all the safety systems required by current regulations. The machine can be installed without construction work and don´t need permission or license. The finishes or special accessories can be made on request.

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